7 Apr 2014

After the night that we had in our house last night, I have more than enough reasons to be tired and crabby… Abby is sick, Michael is teething and quite possibly fighting the same cold that Abby has, so he’s up more often than usual, Noah woke me around 2 am to let me know that he missed the toilet and made a mess of his pajama pants and bathroom floor, and to round it all off, the batteries in 2 of our smoke detectors decided to die (within 20 minutes of each other) right after I had gotten Noah back to bed and the bathroom floor cleaned up. *Sigh* Some nights are just rough, and last night was one of them.

Today on the other hand has been going pretty well. Abby’s been enjoying her morning on the couch watching movie after movie… Michael is happy, and (our now non-napping) Noah is upstairs playing with his Lego collection after a productive morning in Kindergarten. Things have been going so well, that I’ve even gotten some sewing done today… and this time it wasn’t for a customer! A few weeks ago, I promised to make Noah some curtains for his bed, so it felt good to be able to work on that today. I still have two bed curtain panels left to sew. Then I need to find the time, either while Noah’s at school or while he’s taking a random nap, to paint some glow in the dark stars onto the panels…. he doesn’t know about that little extra though and I can’t wait to surprise him with it!!

Noah seems to be the recipient of a lot of my non-Etsy sewing/crafting lately. Last week, I decided to take part in a mystery crochet-a-long (CAL), and when Noah saw that the finished piece would be a “buddy”, he quickly claimed it for himself…

Mystery CAL - head

He then added that I should crochet two more, one for Abby and another for Michael. He’s such a little sweetheart!

Mystery CAL - head

As you can see, first part of the CAL was the head, and while we all have our  guesses as to what it will turn out to be, not one of us knows what he really is. What do you think?

T-shirt yarn basket

It turns out that I’ve been doing quite a lot of crocheting in my free time lately. A few weeks ago, I played around with making my own t-shirt yarn from some knit yardage that I had in my fabric stash. It was my first time crocheting with t-shirt yarn and because of it’s thickness, I knew exactly what I wanted to make with it.

T-shirt yarn basket

Michael’s toys needed organizing, so I made a basket to corral them.

Crochet basket

His toys were overflowing out of that basket though, so I immediately started crocheting another one… this time using yarn that I had gotten from two old sweaters I’d taken apart last year.

Crochet basket

It’s still a work in progress, but this basket will be wider and taller than the one made with the knit yardage. I’m hoping that once it’s done, it will hold most, if not all, of the toys that he plays with right now.

Crochet basket

So there’s a quick little round up of some of the crafty goodness that had been keeping me sane lately. I’ll be back soon with some more updates, both personal and from my Etsy shop!


13 Mar 2014


My frugal tip this week is one that you’ve probably heard before, but the reason why it’s mentioned over and over again is because it works.

Eat out less, make your own meals, and meal plan.

By doing just these three things, we were able to save a few hundred dollars last month.

Now, before I get too far, I would like to say that we really didn’t eat out much to begin with. We’d get the occasional pizza, fast food, or carry out dinner, but it wasn’t a daily occurrence… more like once a week. We’d also indulge in the occasional milk shake or Blizzard, but usually only if we had a buy one get one coupon. Eating out adds up quickly, and this became very apparent to us once we actually started paying attention to where our meals were coming from.

The other thing that really helped us reduce our food budget was meal planning. I’ll admit that I was never really big on planning out meals days advance. I was more of a “cook with what you have” girl, but planning out a weeks worth dinners has worked wonders… both on our spending and my sanity! Ha! My ultimate goal is to cut our grocery spending in half… it’s a lofty goal, but I’m confident I’ll reach it sooner rather than later.

We’ve gotten pretty used to the changes we made two months ago… we no longer miss eating out and I love knowing what the next 1 to 2 weeks of meals will be. We still indulge in the occasional milk shake or Blizzard, and have even gone out to eat too… but those things aren’t weekly necessities any more… cutting those former “necessities” and changing our grocery spending habits saved us about $400 in the first month… not too bad if you ask me!

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