25 Nov 2014

Fall left us pretty quickly here in the Midwest and even though it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, it looks like winter has arrived. The hectic holiday season is right around the corner… and thanks to a much-needed break from Etsy and sewing totes, I’m happy to say that I’m ready for it.

Between July and October, I had a steady stream of tote orders coming in… and for the first time since opening shop, I can say that I had a real streak going. It felt great to be a sewing and sending out so many totes, but I have to be honest… I felt very restricted creatively and by the time that last tote was sewn, I knew I needed stop so that I could make time to work on other projects. So I closed up shop right before Halloween with the intent to open it back up (with new products) right before Thanksgiving.

My creative time is pretty limited during the day and I had great big plans for those four weeks. I knew that my “creative” time would be divided between actually creating physical items and creating a cleaner, more organized, and more enjoyable home… so the first week was spent taking care of  our home. =)

The following three weeks were spent creating real physical items. I knit, I crocheted, I designed and cross stitched… in short, I stayed away from my sewing machine(s) even though that was not part of the plan. I spent my creative time divided between working on personal projects and projects for the shop. It was like the dam that had blocked the stream of creativity from running through me had been broken and I couldn’t stop the ideas from flowing. I’m actually excited to be making fun (and at times useful) things again… and I can’t wait to introduce them all to you.

During my time away from the shop, I also came to realize that, in the deepest depths of my heart and soul, I am a maker. It’s something that, if I’m truly honest with myself, I’ve known for a very long time. I need to make things, whether they be tote bags, hats, scarves, decorative items, or little people who look a lot like my husband. *wink*

I am a maker, but I don’t like to be stuck to making just one thing. I think that is why I started working on crocheted toy patterns and made Ellie. It’s also why I have a diverse collection of both finished and unfinished projects in various crafting mediums here at home. I am a maker and need to make, but I get bored if all I’m doing is making the same thing over and over again. And so….


Noby Designs cross stitch sneak peek

Be prepared to see some changes in the shop. I’ve opened it back up and although there aren’t any new products listed yet, I am taking tote orders again. Behind the scenes, I’m working hard on a new, very different product collection, that will be released very soon. I’m so very excited about it! It is the craft that, over the 25+ years, I keep coming back to… the one that I feel started my love of handmade and started this crafting journey of mine.

I hope you all are staying warm in your part of the world!

3 Oct 2014

Good morning! It’s so very peacefully quiet in the house right now. It’s 6:30 in the morning… my husband has already left for the day and the kids are still sleeping… most of them in their own beds, one of them in ours.

Our nights are short… some shorter than others, depending on how many times Michael wakes up… but I enjoy getting up early and being able to spend some uninterrupted time with my husband. It’s only a for a few minutes while he drinks his coffee and I attempt to get the sleepies out of my eyes, but I savor those few minutes alone… just the two of us. Once he leaves, it’s just a matter of minutes before one of the kids wakes up, usually waking the others in the process. This morning though… it must be the rain that’s keeping them in their beds…

The weather here has been a bit crazy the past few days. One day it’s warm and sunny, and then the next we’re turning on the heat and hiding under warm blankets. When I look outside, signs of fall are all around… the trees are changing colors and the leaves are falling. The grass is now covered in an ever changing patchwork blanket of bright yellow, orange, red leaves. Fall is definitely here… in the air, in the plants… and both I and our friendly neighborhood squirrel know it.

October squirrel mess

Our squirrel and I seem to have an on again off again relationship. He’s a cute little critter and when he’s good, I don’t mind that he suns himself on our back deck or chooses to eat his pinecone on the railing (and leaving the mess for me to clean up… just like a child!). The problem is though, that he’s not always good. He’s pretty greedy and likes to just take and use things that don’t belong to him. For instance… my tulips. I planted them so that we have something nice to look at in the spring. Mr Squirrel sees them as tasty little treats that I buried just for him. My flower pots on the back deck have become his own little food storage spot as well.

October squirrel mess

This plant is usually inside, but I moved it onto the deck when I noticed that some mites had decided to start a community in its leaves. Mr Squirrel must have seen this move as a super special hiding spot… too bad he didn’t clean up his mess, because now his food is mine! (insert evil maniacal laugh!)

Much like our squirrel, I’m embracing fall and starting to prep for the upcoming winter. I’m taking advantage of some downtime from the shop to work on a few personal projects that need finishing, to clean and organize the house (again), and to work on some new items for the shop too.

What are you doing now that the days are getting shorter?

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